Hey, I'm Sophi!

My name is Sophi and I am the owner behind P & Co. I have always craved creativity and had an "I'll figure out how to make that" attitude. In 2017, I officially began my little arsty biz. It started off as hand-painted ornaments at a local Christmas tree farm and illustrations during the "off season".

Along the way, I gained my elementary teaching credential and jumped right into the classroom in 2020. Well, via Zoom. The name Pertusati & Co. was created as a mixture of teacher me, aka "Miss Pertusati", and my crafting hobbies on the weekends/summers-- "the company." I continued drawing, learned modern calligraphy, began making event signage, played around with textiles, started to figure out engraving, made my first grade classroom feel like home, & completed a few home renos with the Hubs.

At the end of 2023, we got our first pup, Cruz. In a typical P & Co. fashion, I had to find a way expand my creative outlet to the dog mom world.

So, here we are & we're stoked you're here!


Sophi (& Cruz)